About Us

Paragon Galapagos Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in Ecuador in the city of Puerto Ayora, on the Island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos National Park. We opened our doors in 2016 with a mission to provide educational experiences that nurture a love of learning, develop critical thinking skills, and promote civic action.

Our English language program is designed to get local Galapagueño students actively communicating in English while at the same time engaging with the issues that affect their community. In January we open-hiring for qualified English language teachers for a school year that begins in April and ends in January. In March of every year, we open English language volunteer positions for the academic year (APR – JAN)

We focus our volunteer program’s efforts at meeting local community needs. Often times we already have a program that fits a volunteer’s interest, other times we work to create a custom program for qualified applicants who can address specific community needs. We accept volunteer applications on a year round basis.

Contact us to see if you’re interested in sharing your skills and experience.

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Meet the Team

Indira Espin

Indira Espin is the founder and inspiration for the Paragon Galapagos Foundation. She operates day-to-day as Paragon’s our outreach coordinator. Early on in her life Indira discovered the true connections to be made and many doors to be opened when we make connections with foreign cultures. Indira had the good fortune to host international volunteers in her childhood home, which reinforced her desire and motivation to learn English. Her English abilities later helped her win a scholarship to study in the United States. Ever since that time, Indira’s dream has been to help future generations on the Galapagos find the same opportunities she did as a young girl.


Since 2009 John has worked to help students in countries across the globe develop their English language abilities. After completing an MA in Education, John moved to the Galápagos and co-founded the Paragon Foundation in order to meet the needs of the local community. John has written extensively about teaching on his professional teaching blog, and is particularly interested in how education can develop agency