Thank You for a Great Year

Hello my name is LizMarriet Arboleda. I’m 15 years old, I love to speak English and Paragon gave me this opportunity to meet new people, have good grades, etc.

I want to share my experience. When I started here I was so nervous because I didn’t have confidence to speak but John and Indi helped me.

In addition, my family always stayed with me and I wanted to fall but my mom told me “Don’t Give Up”. I was so confused because I knew that my parents wanted my brother to study English and I knew that my parents do not have money to pay for both of us.

Coincidentally, the day I wanted to say this to my parents, John, Indi and Teo told me that I won the scholarship. And I couldn’t imagine.

To finish, I’m so grateful with everyone that believed in me, and Paragon is not only a course. It is like my second family because I feel like I’m at home.

Thank you!!!!!!

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