We Are Paragon


John Pfordresher

John’s mission is to help the local community develop the skills and abilities to succeed in the 21st Century economy. 

Since 2009 John has worked to help students in countries across the globe develop their English language abilities. After completing an MA in Education, John moved to the Galápagos and co-founded the Paragon Foundation in order to meet the needs of the local community. John has written extensively about teaching on his professional teaching blog, and is particularly interested in how education can develop agency

Outreach & Logistics

Indira Jesenia Espin

Indira has been the international student coordinator for the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito and the volunteer coordinator for the Galápagos National Park. Indira is driven by a love for her home, the Galápagos Islands. She co-founded the Paragon Foundation so that she could help shape the the next generation of stewards and protectors of the Islands. 


Alejandra María Espin

English Teachers

Teo Tamashiro-Harris

Hola, soy Teo de Tejas y he estado enseñando Inglés por más de dos años. Empecé en Canadá, después fui a Rusia. El año 2017 vine a Galápagos y me encanta la vida mucho. Disfruto enseñar para ayudar a mis estudiantes a lograr lo mejor de si mismos. Estoy emocionando de trabajar con el equipo de Paragon y tengo confianza de que el año será bueno para todos aquí en el instituto. 

Jaimini Hasmukh Dodia

My mission is to bring the learners at Paragon an opportunity to have a better future. 

I’m Jem. I’m from London, England, and I’ve always had a passion for helping others. Being able to teach English and give people confidence in communicating with others is a fulfilling and invaluable reward. 

Paige Nicole Rottschafer

Hello! My name is Paige and I’m from the United States. I have been teaching and traveling for several years now. I started in the U.S., then to Australia, China, Croatia, Italy, Romania, Serbia and now Ecuador! I love teaching English because of the students enthusiasm for the language. I also enjoy learning about other cultures. 

Paragon Alumni

Robbert Koeslag

Hello everyone! My name is Rob and I was part of the Paragon family in 2018. It was great being a part of Paragon as they do so much more than just teaching English. At Paragon, real life, current themes like immigration and environment are being discussed – involving the community, connecting people and setting an example, all while practicing English! It was a really rewarding experience.

Ramón Salinas

Mi nombre es Ramón Salinas. Estuve en Paragon para ayudar la comunidad y atender de las personas que nos visitan. Paragon es una oportunidad para practicar Inglés y conocer personas que me motivan a seguir aprendiendo este idioma. Nunca es tarde para aprender algo nuevo. 

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An educational non-profit foundation based in the Galapagos Islands. Our mission is to provide the highest quality education to the local community as well as educational exchange and volunteer programs to the world at large.