A living museum and showcase of evolution deserves an educated and multi-lingual population that can give nature a voice and stimulate global action to address the many threats to our climate and the animal kingdom. Our mission at Paragon Galápagos is to help catalyze community action through education that touches lives.

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The biggest need we at Paragon Galapagos have is a need for books. Good children's books and books for young learners are expensive and hard to find. Click on the donate buttons below to learn more about what we need and how you can help open the world to the youth of the Galapagos.

About Us

A non-profit organization with a mission to provide education that changes lives through experiential education, Paragon Galapagos began operations in 2016. In November 2018, the organization was formally recognized as a non-profit foundation by the Ecuadorian government and as a educational institution by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education.

Primarily, Paragon Galapagos educates young learners to adults in English. Beginning in 2019, Paragon Galapagos and it’s local partners will be accepting international volunteers to learn and assist with environmental management, sustainable agriculture, community development and English language instruction.

Paragon Galápagos exists for our community. Our students and volunteers are intimately interconnected with the Santa Cruz community. At Paragon, each of us is the change we want to be. What will you do today to change your world?